• Startup Opportunities
    Pitt Innovators create many innovations that have startup potential, like the three Charlie Batch and the Impellia group (seen here with the Innovation Institute's Evan Facher), are developing.
  • Eye Collaboration
    A research team from pathology, nursing and ophthalmology is developing a peptide to improve the healing process for glaucoma surgery patients.
  • NanoVision
    Bioengineering/medicine professor Yang Liu, medicine professor Randall Brand, and their team see a big future for the startup commercializing this new cancer-detection microscope system.
  • 2015 Big Idea Winners, Oxi-Dent
    Big Ideas
    The Randall Family Big Idea Competition is an experience-based learning opportunity for Pitt students interested in turning a big idea into a new business venture.
  • Commercializing Innovation
    Pitt's Innovation Institute advances entrepreneurship, commercialization, and economic development growing out of work by Pitt Innovators like Steven Benso, a traumatic brain injury research nurse.

Innovation Commercialization

Whether you’re a Pitt researcher or a potential commercial partner looking for startup opportunities or inventions to license, the Innovation Institute has tools to help you.  Learn more about commercialization »


Enterprise Development

If you’re a Pitt Innovator interested in starting a new company around an innovation that emerges from your Pitt research or an entrepreneur or investor looking for new-venture opportunities at Pitt:


Student Entrepreneurship

If you’re a Pitt student with entrepreneurial aspirations, the Institute provides a of hands-on educational programs, competitions, and support to help you develop your ideas into startups.


Entrepreneurial Assistance

If you’re a local entrepreneur or business leader looking for networking, education or assistance to start, grow or transition your closely held business, begin here.